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Come enjoy a delicious Pot-Luck picnic in a beautiful garden, high on a hill overlooking Catalina Island and the vast blue Pacific, and get to know your fellow TMA/SC members and friends!  TMA/SC has brought back one of our traditional activities, a fun Moth Market, social picnic and show & tell.  What’s a Moth Market?  You bring any rugs and/or textiles and ethnically inspired or compatible items of personal adornment that you would like to sell, and offer them to other members and their guests.  Hint: Items under $100 sell best!  Space is limited; you may have a whole or share part of a tabletop, up to 8’, or set up a similar space on a blanket on the lawn; you must mind your own sales table or area, and your own sales.  Cash or checks only, please. Tables may be rented; please see the RESERVATION CARD for details.  Think about partnering with another member, to share table-minding time so that you can shop, too!  Attention Dealer members:  Please take into consideration the spirit of this event, and bring a limited and appropriate amount of inventory for the space allotted.  Only TMA/SC Member can


LUNCH:  TMA/SC will provide coffee & tea, fizzy water, wine, luncheon plates and table-settings, grilled chicken, and picnic tables and seating. You bring an Appetizer, Salad, Side-dish or Dessert (see the separate Reservation Card, for details.)  Please bring any soft drink that you’d like to drink.


Members’ Show & Tell:  Bring one or two rugs and/or textiles from your collection:  Something you acquired recently, a mystery piece, or a special favorite.  Share it with TMA members—we will all learn and enjoy!



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