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Saturday, September 17, 2016

11 a.m. – 3 p.m.   Bazaar, Sip & Munch
12:30  Pot Luck Picnic Lunch
1 p.m. Members Show & Tell


in a Beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes Garden

Come enjoy a colorful Bazaar, delicious Pot-Luck picnic in a beautiful garden, high on a hill overlooking Catalina Island and the vast blue Pacific, and get to know your fellow TMA/SC members!  TMA/SC has brought back one of our traditional activities, a fun Bazaar, social picnic and show & tell.  Our Bazaar space is now full-up with member sellers.  Members who have already pre-registered will bring rugs and/or textiles and ethnically inspired or compatible items of personal adornment for sale, and offer them to members and guests. 

 LUNCH:  TMA/SC will provide morning coffee & tea, flavored fizzy water, wine, luncheon plates and table-settings, grilled chicken, and picnic tables and seating.  You bring an Hors D’Oeuvre, Salad, Side-dish or Dessert (see Page 2 of this flyer, and the separate Reservation Card, for details.)  Please bring any special soft drink or beer that you’d like to drink.

 Members’ Show & Tell:  Bring one or two rugs and/or textiles from your collection:  Something you acquired recently, a mystery piece, or a special favorite.  Share it with TMA members—we will all learn and enjoy!

 Admission:  By Pre-Paid Reservation only; see separate attached Reservation Card.  Deadline: postmarked by Saturday, September 10.  EARLY RESERVATION DISCOUNT for Reservations post-marked by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.  For security reasons, the address will be sent to you upon receipt of your pre-paid reservation.  Questions and cancellations: cherihunter@earthlink.net   We appreciate your courteous cancellation if you cannot come; everyone counts!  Cancellation notices can save TMA/SC money on wine, food, and chair and table rentals, which can go toward speaker expenses.   Send your reservations and payment:  c/o TMA/SC Reservations, 1246 Bienveneda Ave., Pac. Palisades, CA  90272. 

POT-LUCK LUNCH: We know that TMA/SC members are great cooks, and we love homemade contributions.  Please bring your specialty!  Regarding quantity:  If each person attending (including each member of a couple, or Member + guest) brings a large plate of food, there will be a large plate of food for everyone. Think about 8 servings; remember, there will be many other offerings to fill guests’ plates.  Please include your spouse or guest in your serving count; you are welcome to bring for them.  PLEASE BRING YOUR CONTRIBUTION ALREADY CUT UP, ASSEMBLED, READY TO SERVE, ON A PLATE OR BOWL, WITH A SERVING UTENSIL.  We will not be using our hosts’ kitchen for any preparation.  If your offering requires refrigeration before serving, please bring it in a cooler, or set on an ice-filled Ziploc bag.

WEATHER & DRESS:  Fall weather is unpredictable.  Be sure to dress in layers, bring a warm jacket, sunscreen, and wear a hat!  We will be out in the full sun, but sometimes the fog suddenly rolls in off the ocean, and it gets chilly very quickly.


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